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Evs vacancie for Spanish volunteers in an environmental project in Slovakia

Amigos da Terra NGO acts as sending organization and he is looking for Spanish volunteers for an environmental project in Slovakia

We have 1 vacancies for an approved project for a Spanish volunteer and the activities would start in 1st June 2017 – 30 November 2018 ( 6 months )

Descritiption of the Project

"Six participants from Spain, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic will spend 8 months at an educational Permaculture Farm
 helping with its management, being involved alternative farming andbuilding practices and cooperating and instructing visitors and volunteers, mainly young people from Slovakia, who come to experience a sustainable life close to nature and learn basic skills that are connected with it.
The participants will welcome and coordinate these guests and work together with them on various tasks directly related to the place they live in. The participants will be co organizing and participating in the monthly craft workshops for the public that take place at this farm.
Through hands-on experience they will gain a wide range of practical skills that are essential for a sustainable farm management, rooted in both traditions and permaculture principles.
The participants will have the opportunity to live a more sustainable lifestyle than the majority of western society. A life in a multicultural community will deepen their social skills and raise their cultural awareness.
The project aims to help re-inventing life in the western world in terms of sustainability and resilience. By raising awareness of Global problems in ecology, economics and politics, as well as awareness of our cultural heritage and more ancient low-impact lifestyles we believe to contribute to a society of young, skilled, aware and both social and self-confident individuals."

More information:

If you are interested you can send CV, motivation letter as soon as posible  to

More information  988374318  Amigos da Terra

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