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EVS for a Portuguese volunteer in an environmental project in Galicia-Spain July 2017

Dear volunteers,

Amigos da Terra NGO is looking for a Portuguese volunteer in his *Environmental Education and Nature Centre* project in Spain.

We have a vacancy to start in 1st July 2017 for a period of 10 months until 30th of April 2018.

Description of organisation:

In Amigos da Terra Galicia Xuventude we are working to make society more respectful with the environment, a fairer society showing more solidarity. We are part of a bigger organisation Friends of the Earth International which has groups in 66 countries and 1 million members.
Our campaigns include the environmental and social aspects to reach a sustainable society. We are concentrating our efforts in attaining transgenic- free sustainable food consumption, awareness to manage waste, also on climate change and ways to mitigate it and we have worked in projects for development cooperation. More information is available on our web pages: www.amigosdaterra.net www.ascorcerizas.com

Project Environment

Our organization manages in the province of Ourense two environmental centres with the aim to raise awareness the general population on environmental subjects. On the one hand an information centre on youth and environmental issues (www.amigosdaterra.net) in which we provide specialized consulting services in environmental law, activities of environmental education for schools and other youth groups, and training programs for environmental volunteers.
Also manage the Centre of Environmental Education "As Corcerizas", www.ascorcerizas.com, pioneer in Galicia and at state level in the use of renewable energies for its own use and in the scope of the bioconstruction. Located at 40 km of the city of Ourense in the heat of Mountain range of San Mamede,pertaining to the Ourense Central Bulk which is registered like Place of Communitarian Importance a (LIC) within the Network Natura 2000, at a 1100 meters of altitude, pertaining to the town of Arnuide, from the city council of Villar de Barrio.


Ourense is located in the Northwest of Spain, communicated by bus or train from the following cities: Vigo 1 hour, Santiago de Compostela 1 hour 30', Corunna 2h, Madrid 5 hours.
Ourense belongs to the Autonomous Community of Galicia which is characterized to have an identity and own culture within the context of Spain, and in which two languages are spoken: Galician and Spanish.
It is an eminently rural province, being agriculture and cattle the main economic activities, which are complemented together with some food industries and some from textile sector.
Ourense has 120,000 inhabitants in the capital and in which is the university campus that belong to the University of Vigo.

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers:

All the programmed activities are in relation to managing sustainability in the environment and the development of the local populations, based on endogenous resources, research, training, and theparticipation of the local communities.

We carry out different environmental projects, so volunteers will collaborate in different actions related to the elaboration, design and execution of programs and activities, with a common base of awareness and environmental education.

Within the different services that our association offers and our centres of environmental education we describe below some examples of activities in which volunteerscan take part:

Centre Amigos da Terra www.amigosdaterra.net

-Collaboration in different actions related to the elaboration, design and execution of environmental programmes and activities and in the local, national or international campaigns of the organisation, such as about the climate change, carried out in different schools.
  • Taking part in Special Days related to the environment: Day of the Earth, Day of the Environment, "European Day without cars" Day of the Consumer, Day of the Tree
-Collaboration in the Environmental Information service: searching environmental information resources in the Internet, books and bibliographical material, publicising of data, and edition of bulletins and information.
  • Editing of didactic material (leaflets, posters...) for students and general public.
  • Activities in schools of the community. Animation and environmental education with children. Training of young people and children of the rural community through workshops and notformal education.
-Collaborate with other volunteers in different campaigns of diffusion of information about the YiA programme: distribution of brochures, information talks,...

In our Web pages: www.amigosdaterra.net and www.ascorcerizas.com there is all the information on the different activities that we organise.
Also we recomend visit our blog http://evsinadt.blogspot.com.es/ with information about evs volunteers.

Volunteer profiles and recruitment process:

Profile of the volunteers and selection process:
We are looking for volunteers with the following profile:
  • Interest in environmental subjects
  • Independent, flexible and good team workers.
-A person with iniciative to develop her own personal project
  • With social abilities able to work with children and young people We are willing to work with any organisation.

We have a Portuguese partner as sending organization GAIA Alentejo in Lisbon: https://europa.eu/youth/volunteering/organisation/942547837_en
Contact person: Sara Serrao sara.serrao@gmail.com alentejo@gaia.org.pt
If you are interested you can fill the application form documents in the attachment/link: Volunteer data

Also send CV and a motivation letter to: sve@amigosdaterra.net

We are receiving applications for this time until 20 th of June.

We´ll study all the applications and we take a decision about the selection of volunteers on 21th of June.

Best regards
Angel Dorrío Amigos da Terra
Rúa Bedoia, 5 - 2º D · 32004 Ourense
tel (+34) 988 37 43 18

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