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Evs vacancie for a Spanish volunteer in an environmental project in Slovakia

Amigos da Terra NGO acts as sending organization and he is looking for a Spanish volunteer for an environmental project in Slovakia

We have a vacancy for an approved project for a Spanish female volunteer and the activities would start in 01st June - 15 June 2016  (as soon  as possible) until  31/05/2017. ( 12 months)

Descritiption of the Project

Hosting organization:

Campanula Civic Association is primarily focusing on permaculture, bio-agriculture, traditional handcrafts and environmental education. We also deal with preservation of old and regional fruit and vegetable varieties.
Our organisation has two main activities: building the Bylinka Ecocenter in Hrušov (district of Velký Krtíš, South Slovakia) and creating a Community garden in Nitra (West Slovakia). Ecocenter Bylinka is based on permacultural and sustanaible principles. It is a complex of particular elements, designed by the rules of sustainable development. We organize seminars, workshops and courses about permaculture (creation of permaculture elements, alternative energy sources, methods of bioagricultural ways etc.), natural buildings (clay plaster, roofing, various types of constructions etc.)  and traditional handcrafts (carpentry, woodcarving, joinery, textile technics as weaving, spinning, felting etc.). We also organize a summer children´s camp and adventurous school in the nature.
Community garden is designed on permaculture principles and contributes to biodiversity and sustanaible development. It is focused on different target groups in order to connect the generations. It is a place of knowledge and skills development.

Campanula´s main target groups are:
- young people and students (seminars, workshops, courses, practices, volunteering)
- active, local and professional public (seminars, research, cooperation)
- children (enivronmental education)

We are looking for young people interested in nature, gardening and crafts, who can imagine to spend a year in a secluded place. We are not socially isolated, people keep coming around for a visit, workshops etc. but the place is situated in a rural environment, surrounded by meadows, fields and forests. Volunteer´s tasks will be mainly taking care of the vegetable garden and fruit orchard, help with realisation of the workshops, seminars, children camps. Our volunteers will also get theorical and practical experience with natural building on smaller and larger buildings projects.

The main locality for hosting volunteers is Ecocenter Bylinka in Hrušov village. Hrušov is situated in south Slovakia. This region has warm and dry climate. It is typical agricultural landscape on the Krupinska plain, famous for fruit-growing and wine producing. It is one of the last villages where the traditional habits are maintained in daily life. This region is not so much industrialized, the agriculture still predominates. Young people leave to the cities for the work, therefore the middle and old age predominate. There is also a small Roma community. People are very friendly, kind, hearted and hardworking. Local community of Hrušov where our Ecocenter is based has nine hundred of inhabitants. There is a new tendention at the present, alternative families and young people come to this place to live in a natural way. The village has scattered settlement surrouding settled by them. The ecocenter is also situated in such a place outside of the village. Ľubica and Tomáš who manage the whole center and activities, live there. Hrušov is quite known for Hontianska Parada, a big folklore festival with international participation. Campanula members are actively participating in this festival and there would also be a space for EVS volunteers.
As for cultural opportunities, the nearest town is Velky Krtis 30 km far (cinema, theatre performances). More cultural activities are available in Zvolen and Banska Bystrica. The Hrušov municipality organises days of the village, concerts, parties and balls. There is a newly created community center focusing on work with young people and roma community. Educative pathway, natural beauties, historical buildings and castles.  There is a handful of folklore music groups in the village, a football match on Sundays and ice-skating on the multifunctional playground.
We are planning exchanges of volunteers in cooperation with accredited EVS organisations Alter Nativa, Zajezova NGOs, Slatinka Zvolen.
The goal of our activities is to promote ideas of sustainable lifestyle nad enhance the local rural development in a practical way.

The main task for the volunteers will be help with ensuring of the ecocenter functioning.
1. Learning in the frame of offered activities
Volunteers will learn to design and implement mentioned permaculture principles, natural building and handcrafts ideas 
2. Organization and coordination of implemented activities
Activities as seminars and workshops require to ensure things as: care about the visitors or lectors (accomodation  and board), preparation of material, help with preparation of food. 
3. Possibility of implementation of own projects
Vollunteers will be able to apply their own ideas and projects concerning development of the Ecocenter (to organize and teach their own courses and workshops, teaching children etc.)
4.  Contribute to improve language skills
Volunteers will speak in their native or english language, which improves the language skills of participants, of seminar attendees but mainly the children in children camps.
4. The opportunity to learn cultural and natural conditions of our country in form of festivals, events, tourism etc.

Working schedule would depend on workshops organisation but should not exceed 35 hours a week. They take place mostly on weekends. After each 5 working days, 2 free days should follow. Volunteers should be allowed to have a 2 days holiday for every month of the EVS.
At least in the beginning of the EVS, volunteers will only work under supervision but after some adaptation and evaluation, they will be encouraged to work on their own according to their capacities.

The main requirement is a good physical and mental health of volunteers. The work in the Ecocenter is often outside, physically demanding. The mental health is important because of continuous cooperation and work with children. The basic knowledge of English is necessary for seamless communication. Volunteers should tend to a natural way of living, ecology, cultural values. Volunteers should have the will to learn about natural and traditional building, handcraft, bio-farming, permaculture, possibly to bring something new to this field. A driving licence is welcome but not necessary.

Volunteers will be accommodated in the Ecocenter. There is a place upstairs with rooms for visitors, participants and volunteers. They will get an impassable room with a proper door, a bed, a table and a chair, a shelf and the light. The kitchen, social services and a radio are common with the owners. There is a wifi signal in the whole building, volunteers can also borrow a PC if necessary. We can provide a mobile phone with some monthly credit, depending on the budget. We would prefer to accomodate 2 volunteers in the same room but only if they agree and meet personally if possible.
Transportation of volunteers will be provided by bus and car. The bus connection is limited in the village. We have the possibility to lend  an  organisation's car to volunteers. All activities are taking place in the Ecocenter, so the volunteers don´t need to use public transport, only for free times activities.
Slovak language preparation will be available for volunteers - probably 2 hours / once a week in the village or a close city.

If you are interested you can send CV, motivation letter as soon as posible  to

More information  988374318  Amigos da Terra

Best regards
angel dorrio

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